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Hailing from Middlesbrough, The Manchester Anthems encapsulate the gritty alt-rock sound of the iconic Manchester scene.

The Manchester Anthems us melodies resonates deeply with listeners. Drawing inspiration from the rebellious streets of Madchester, their exhilarating sound blends retro and modern influences into a unique tribute.

The Manchester Anthems bring the ecstatic spirit of seminal bands like The Stone Roses, Oasis, Happy Mondays and The Charlatans to the stage. Their setlist is packed with retro-tinged anthems celebrating the trailblazers who defined the Madchester generation.

With emotive vocals and high-octane guitar licks, The Manchester Anthems capture the danceable rhythms and psychedelic riffs that came to define the baggy movement. They also deliver high-energy renditions of the scene’s most iconic tracks, stirring up singalongs and mosh pits. Their drummer pounds out those primal Madchester beats as the band brings this beloved era to life.

The Manchester Anthems promise a nostalgic set at Ayclive Fest, transporting the crowd back to the hedonistic Hacienda days. We can’t wait to see festival-goers sway and swirl to these masterpieces under the sun, donning bucket hats and reliving the magic. Their infectious energy invites everyone to join the Madchester movement and celebrate the bands that defined a generation.