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Step right up and prepare to have your senses dazzled at the all-new Circus Disco Tent!
This immersive wonderland will transport you to a vibrant realm where music and merrymaking collide.
Kick things off at the Silent Club Kidz from 1-2:30pm where the little ones can dance it out.
Then it’s time for some circus skills workshops from 2:30-3:45pm as kids can unleash their inner performers alongside seasoned pros!

When 4pm hits, grab your headphones festivalgoers of all ages can gather for Silent Karaoke until 5pm.
Then prepare for a Silent Kitchen Disco hour until 6pm! The high-energy Silent Club Beatz rave takes over from 6-7pm for some full-body grooving

The night owls can close out their Ayclive journey with a 90s/00s throwback dance marathon from 7-9:30pm as the anthems get everyone moving.

No Ayclive experience is complete without venturing into the Circus Disco Tent’s vibrant realm of musical mischief.


1.00-2.30pm Silent Club Kidz (Children)
2.30-3.45pm Circus Skills (Children)
4.00-5.00pm Silent Karaoke (All)
5.00-6.00pm Silent Kitchen Disco (All)
6.00-7.00pm Silent Club Beatz (Rave for all)
7.00-9.30pm Silent 90s/00s Anthems (All)

£5 refundable deposit for headphones